As data breaches reach all-time-highs every year and new privacy legislation rapidly enters into effect, pressure is building on organisations to strengthen their data security policies. Hiddn’s range of highly secure and user-friendly encrypted storage devices provides an attractive solution to this problem.

The problem
“Data breaches are at an all-time high”, cloud security firm BitGlass ominously states in a 2016 report on data security in financial services firms. The statement is paired with a hockey-stick graph portraying an exponential growth in breaches year-on-year, painting a grim picture of the future of data security in an industry where the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data is paramount.

According to BitGlass, lost or stolen devices make up more than 25% of these breaches. This figure is echoed in a similar report on the U.S. health care industry, where 28% of breaches in Q1 2017 were due to loss or theft. The health care report estimates a cost per leaked record of $402, which aggregates to a huge sum given the number of records compromised in each breach.

As these figures show, the need for device protection is large and growing. Cloud computing has offset some of the data security risks as more information is being stored in the cloud rather than on endpoint devices. Still, many keep some of or all their data on their devices, either by choice or necessity. Furthermore, an unsecured device connected to the cloud can provide an attacker with near unlimited access to the organisation’s data. A security system isn’t stronger than its weakest link, which sadly too often is the endpoint device.

Our solution to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data is hardware encryption.
Over the course of 20 years, Hiddn has developed and refined a range of solutions combining military-grade endpoint security with the ease of use expected by modern consumers. Our product range caters both to clients requiring the absolute gold standard of data security, like armed forces, governments, and corporations handling sensitive data, and to clients whose security requirements are still high but where it is sufficien that the solutions are still very secure but more user-friendly with one-factor authentication and remote management.

Two-factor authentication, external encryption key and AES 256b encryption keys
For segments requiring the gold standard of data security, we provide encrypted internal SSD drives, USB drives and memory sticks powered by our Crypto Module technology. It uses the industry leading AES encryption algorithm with 256-bit encryption keys, running on dedicated hardware, to protect data stored on the device. The Crypto Module requires two-factor authentication using a smart card and a password to unlock the device. Unique to Hiddn’s technology, the encryption key is stored on the smart card when the device is not in use. This renders the stored data virtually inaccessible if the device is stolen or lost, as the key needed to unlock the information is physically stored elsewhere.

Products with our two-factor Crypto Module offers a GDPR-proof guarantee. Read more here about our GDPR-proof guarantee.

Easy to use solutions with PIN authentication, military graded technology and remote managment
For clients that are subject to less stringent safety requirements, we are launching several external USB drives running the same AES 256-encryption as our top-level products. The algorithm runs on a dedicated hardware chip and is implemented in accordance with international standards. The difference is that authentication only requires a PIN/password, increasing simplicity of use but removing the top layer of security provided by our Crypto Module-equipped products.

GDPR Compliance with our products
The accelerating number of data breaches, of which lost and stolen devices make up a stable fraction, and the advent of legislation like the GDPR, imposing heavy sanctions on those mismanaging personal information, presents a massive problem to organisations that haven’t secured their endpoint devices.

Hiddn’s encryption technology, built on more than 20 years of security R&D, provides a simple and secure solution to this problem.