Data privacy statement – Hiddn Security AS and Hiddn Solutions ASA (Office translation)

These conditions apply from April 20th, 2018 to customers of Hiddn Security AS (“Hiddn” or “the Company”), and indirectly to customers purchasing Hiddn products through our distributors, that establish contact with the Company. If you require insight in what personal data Hiddn keeps on record, please contact us either through your distributor or directly.

How we collect your data

Who is responsible for processing personal data?

Hiddn Security AS, tax ID number 980 447 146, and parent company Hiddn Solutions ASA, tax ID number 979 867 654, are responsible for the personal data being processed by Hiddn. Contact information for both companies is provided in this document.

What personal data do we collect and process?

We collect and record the personal data you provide when you contact Hiddn, limited to your company name, address, name of contact person, e-mail address, phone number and purchasing history.

Why do we collect and process personal data?

We process your personal data to achieve the following:

  1. To establish a company account with Hiddn
  2. For invoicing purposes
  3. To distribute newsletters and special offers
  4. To simplify the return process
  5. To distribute invitations to Hiddn events
  6. To maintain agreements and discounts based on purchasing history
  7. To reply and follow up on customer service enquiries
  8. To distribute surveys
  9. To be able to contact you directly with offers of service or improvements to past purchases
How do we justify collecting your personal data?

Our justification for collecting and processing your personal data is that it serves a legitimate purpose. We consider the purposes described above as legitimately interesting, and that our benefit of processing your personal data for such purposes in this case outweighs eventual privacy considerations. This is because (i) we wouldn’t be able to fulfil our customer commitments if we didn’t have access to the data mentioned above, and (ii) we only collect the data that is absolutely necessary to fulfil these commitments.

How long do we store your personal data?

We erase your personal data records when they are no longer current or necessary, or when you inquire to have them corrected or deleted, or when your company terminates its relationship as a company customer of Hiddn. If and when we receive information that you have left the customer company or no longer act as a company representative towards Hiddn, we will erase your personal data records.

Do we share your personal data with a third party?

We share your personal data records with:

– The Norwegian Police Department, in relation to ongoing investigations of criminal offences (as we are legally obliged to)

Hiddn Security AS and Hiddn Solutions ASA may also share your personal data records between each other.

Routines for the archival and erasure of personal data records

All personal data records mentioned in this document are archived in the Company’s sales and logistics system, and can be stored to keep track of purchase history and eventual follow-ups so long as the customer company or contact person doesn’t explicitly request to be erased.

What are your rights?

You may request access to any and all personal data records we keep on you. You may request your personal data records to be corrected or erased, and to request us to limit processing of your personal data. If you request limitations on personal data processing that limit our ability to fulfil our commitments to you as a customer, your company account with Hiddn may be cancelled if the customer company is unable to provide a new company representative.

Please note that Hiddn’s main mode of customer communication is via phone or e-mail. At any time, you may request us to cease all communications with you, however this may affect your company account as described above.

If you seek access to, correction, or erasure of your personal data records, or to exercise any of your other data privacy rights, please contact us using the contact information provided below. If you consider your data privacy rights infringed upon by Hiddn, you may file a complaint with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Which jurisdiction applies to Hiddn?

Hiddn Security AS is a Norwegian company, and is subject to Norwegian privacy legislation. This includes the right to access your own personal data records, and to have them corrected or erased.

Is my personal data secure?

All personal data records are stored in Hiddn’s sales and logistics system. The records are only accessible through the Company’s internal network, which is closed to third parties.

Change of conditions

Hiddn reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. A change notification will be distributed by e-mail, no later than one month prior to effectuation. The most recent data privacy statement will always be available on our web page,

Contact information

Any questions or requests can be directed to:

Hiddn Security AS or Hiddn Solutions ASA
Nedre Vollgate 4 0158 Oslo
+47 22 12 00 12

For questions or comments to our handling of personal data records, please contact our Data Protection Officer on