coCrypt BT - security at your fingertips

The GDPR compliant coCrypt BT offers a user friendly and ultra secure hardware encrypted drive, easily managed from your Apple or Android phone. Simply download myHiddn app from App Store or Google play and you have military graded security at your fingertips.

A remote management system can be added to the drive at any time after purchase (subscription fees apply). Combining the coCrypt BT drive with the Remote Management will give complete control of who, when and where the coCrypt BT can be un-locked.  Admins can manage user groups via Geofencing restrictions and time fencing restrictions, enabling/disabling login, resetting the drive, admin unlock and resetting the users pin.

Security features

Brute force hack defence mechanism
Hardware Encryption(AES256-bit XTS)
Ultra-secure, USB 3.1
User Authentication via mobile phone
FIPS compliant design (certification pending)


Technical specifications