coCrypt KP - encrypted memory stick

The GDPR compliant CoCrypt KP is an easy to use hardware encrypted memory stick. The CoCrypt KP is the perfect solution for secure handling of data and sensitive information. Also, the CoCrypt KP is OS and platform independent and can be used as secure backup solution for DVRs, game consoles, PCs, servers, workstations and any other device with USB ports.

Simply connect CoCrypt KP with to any PC and enter a 7-15 digits PIN to access all data stored on the drive. The device is encrypted and not accessible until the correct PIN is entered.

Hiddn’s encrypted products are already in use by and suitable for several industries;

  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Crypto industry
  • Lawyers
  • Financial institutions
  • Entertainment

IMPORTANT – If the User PIN is forgotten there are no techniques to retrieve the key. There are no backdoor s and all data will be erased permanently.


Technical specifications