coCrypt 2 - encrypted flash USB

coCrypt 2 B – Selfkey
This is a device made according to a feature, security specification outline by Norwegian Security Administration (NSM) for protection of sensitive information classified as BEGRENSET. In the coCrypt B version you can access your data with PIN.

coCrypt 2 S – Selfkey
This is the ideal product if you want to be in control of your data PIN and PUK (Administration pass phrase). USB hub is available, change the status from logical locked to open through the devices’ Admin Menu.

coCrypt 2  M – Selfkey
In the coCrypt M version you still decide PIN and PUK (Administration pass phrase) , but there is no USB hub available as it is locked and cannot be opened through the Admin Meny of the device.

coCrypt 2  KMS
By replacing the Hiddn “Selfkey” Smart Card with a Hiddn KMS managed Smart Card the IT department can keep control of keys, units and users. The administrator can keep define authentication policies and facilitate key escrow. Read more about Hiddn’s KMS here.

Security features

Two-factor authentications
Common Criteria EAL +5  certified smart cards
AES-256b hardware encryption
FIPS PUB 197 CERT #3362


Technical specifications

Quick installation guides
coCrypt B
coCrypt S

User manuals
coCrypt B
coCrypt S

Portable security, empowered workforce

If the coCrypt 2 is lost the data is still considered safe because the coCrypt is protected with AES 256-bit hardware encryption  and is protected from unauthorized access.