SafeDisk - Encryption for notebooks

SafeDisk is an encrypted internal SSD offering high-end security to mobile workforces. It uses 128 GB- 1TB SSD and comes in a 2,5” case and communicates over the SATA III protocol. SafeDisk works with standard smart card readers and is OS independent.

SafeDisk CMS

By replacing the Hiddn “Selfkey” Smart Card with a managed Smart Card the IT department can keep control of keys, units and users. The administrator can keep define authentication policies and facilitate key escrow. Read more about Hiddn’s CMS here (lenke kommer).

SafeDisk M.2 - The next generation form factor

Security Features

External encryption key

Two -factor authentications

AES 256 XTS hardware encryption

FIPS PUB 197 CERT #3362


Technical specifications
Datasheet – M.2
Datasheet – 2.5



Secure storage with GDPR-proof guarantee for mobile workforces

With military graded hardware encryption and 2-factor password protection, you can securely store your data wherever work or life takes you.

Rugged security

Hiddn encrypts data for ruggedised tablets and laptops.